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Diakoumakis Villa Aria
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Diakoumakis Tower of Maroula Village
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Diakoumakis Amalen Suites
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Diakoumakis Pilot Beach Resort
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Diakoumakis Prefectural Palace of Rethymno
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Diakoumakis Aegean Pearl Hotel
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Diakoumakis Erofili Theater in Forteza, Rethymno
Erofili Theater in Forteza, Rethymno More

The company

Our activity and service in the construction sector have continued uninterruptedly for a century, starting in 1912.

Georgios Diakoumakis of Stylianos (mastro Giorgis) lives most of his life as a nomad in Crete and in other places of Greece, leaving his mark as a stone craftsman and constructor. He transmitted his craft to his children, who after completing their studies, they continued his successful activity.

Today, with consistency and reliability, the company delivers high-quality construction projects by combining the engineering science, modern material technology and the experience of 100 years of continuous presence in the field of stone construction.

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